Social Media Assessment & Strategies

Social Media Assesment & Strategy

The Hire Power Consulting Social Media Assessment and Strategy Development service will elevate your social media presence to the next level. Social media efforts start with good intentions but commonly lack good strategies.  Companies will create a few pages on the popular platforms, upload a few pictures and maybe even start some engagement. The excitement starts to wear out once they realize how much work it really takes to maintain.  You can avoid this trap by allow us to develop your social media game plan.

Our process begins with a 60-minute preliminary consultation with our social media expert. With over 16 years of social media and copywriting experience, our social media consultant knows how to help your company find its voice.  During the consultation session, we will help you establish and document:

  • What sets your company apart from competitors, which can be used in website copy
  • Where you see your company one and five years from now
  • Themes associated with your brand, to help creatively align your team and vendors
  • The emotional response you want your audience to have with your brand
  • The pain points of your target audiences—and how your brand solves them
  • The tone of voice for your brand, which will influence content
  • Visual mood board to inspire the look and feel of your brand
  • Tools for simplifying content creation and outreach
  • Keyword-driven content strategy, with a recommended posting schedule
  • The best social media platforms to achieve your goals and recommended core platforms

About 2-3 weeks after the consultation, you will receive a detailed document outlining everything discussed to include your new social media strategy.  If desired, we will review the document with you in a 30-minute call to ensure you have clarity on the recommended vision and strategy.


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