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At Hire Power Consulting, we believe simplicity is the key to unlock a team’s true potential.  Our Founder, Paul Diaz, is a US Marine Corps Veteran with over 20 years of corporate recruiting experience in several industries.  He has a deep understanding of what it takes to build and lead high performing teams capable of achieving incredible results.  Paul believes an empowered team with the correct tools and training is paramount to the success of any company.  He credits his strict adherence to the servant leadership principles for the results he has achieved through the teams he has led.  

In his last corporate position, as the Vice President of Recruiting for one of the nation’s largest veterinary medical groups, his newly trained team ended their first year with a 62% increase in DVM hiring. In just 2 years, his team hired 1,120 DVMs, the most DVM hires for any 2-year period in the company’s history.

Recruiting Operations Consultant

He formed Hire Power Consulting to help other companies realize their recruiting team’s full potential.  Recruiting strategies and tools evolve, yet most internal recruiting processes do not.  When a process remains the same for years, and appears to be working well, it becomes difficult for those working within the process to see its deficiencies. This is where Hire Power Consulting can help.  

Whether you need a full lifecycle assessment or specific improvements to targeted areas of your operations, we will help your company identify problematic, non-value add activities slowing your workflow and stifling your team’s performance. By combining process improvement initiatives with the integration of key service partners and technologies, we can maximize cost savings and help your team focus on what you need them to do most, fill jobs.

Your people are vital to the success of your company, and your recruiting team is vital to finding you the right people. Contact Hire Power Consulting today to get started.

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